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Proprietary Rights and Intellectual Property

We rely primarily on patents and contractual obligations with employees and third parties to protect our proprietary rights. We have sought, and intend to continue to seek, appropriate patent protection for important and strategic components of our proprietary technologies by filing patent applications in the U.S. and certain foreign countries. There can be no assurance that any of our patents will guarantee protection or market exclusivity for our products and product candidates. We also use license agreements both to access external technologies and to convey certain intellectual property rights to others. Our financial success will be dependent in part on our ability to obtain commercially valuable patent claims and to protect our intellectual property rights and to operate without infringing upon the proprietary rights of others. As of March 9, 2017, we owned or controlled 140 issued or allowed patents, and approximately 73 pending U.S. and foreign patent applications, to protect our proprietary technologies.

Adhera Therapeutics IP Estate

No. of Issued/Allowed PatentsJurisdictionNo. of Pending PatentsJurisdiction
20193 eachU.S.
20201 eachGermany
20211 eachU.S.
20231 eachU.S.
20241 each

3 each

20252 eachU.S.1 eachU.S.
20261 eachChina, Japan1 eachEurope
20272 eachU.S.1 eachU.S.
20281 eachNew Zealand, China, Japan, Australia1 eachChina, U.S., Europe
2 eachEurope
4 each
20291 eachU.S.
20312 eachU.S.1 eachEurope
20321 eachSingapore, Australia, Europe, U.S.1 eachHong Kong, India,
20351 eachTaiwan, Korea, India, Europe, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, U.S.
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