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IT-102 and IT-103 as our next generation celecoxib for management of arthritis pain. IT-102 targets a population requiring angiotensin converting enzyme (“ACE”) inhibitors such as lisinopril and IT-103 targets a population requiring olmesartan. The initial approval based on pivotal bioequivalence (“BE”) trial and a small phase III trial will be for combined arthritis pain and hypertension for patients already taking both drugs. Exploiting the suppression of celecoxib induced edema, we anticipate that these FDCs can eventually replace all of celecoxib prescriptions with or without hypertension once our phase III trial is completed with positive demonstration of edema suppression. This trial will be conducted post approval for label change and will target the highest edema risk patients- the elderly patients whose pill burden is greater than five per day. The inherent lower risk of gastrointestinal (“GI”) bleeding with celecoxib makes it likely that IT-102 and IT-103 can also capture market shares of other pain medications such as ibuprofen and indomethacin.

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